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How do I change the film speed setting of my X-ray

KODAK 2000/ 2200, Trophy Elitys – INTRA-ORAL X-RAY UNIT Procedure for Changing Film Sensitivity: A. Depress and hold down buttons 17/18 and 47/48 on the dental arch. B. Whilst holding down the above buttons, push either the f+ or f- buttons to adjust the film sensitivity to suit the film type being used. Film settings are shown in the user manual. Contact our service team for a more detailed procedure.

How long does it take to repair a handpiece?

 In the majority of instances, a quotation can be carried out the same day its received and shipped back the next day.

How much will it cost to repair my dental handpiece?

That depends upon the problem, but a quotation will be given before any work is carried out so you will always be aware of cost. Call our dedicated hand piece repair technician, Brian on 0288650325 for free pickup.

What is the correct way to lubricate a handpiece?

The care and maintenance of handpieces is critical to their performance. The lack of proper lubrication even for a short period of time can cause severe damage. Lubricate the handpiece without a bur installed. The Bien-Air range of maintenance sprays comprises three distinct products: Aquacare, Spraynet, Lubrifluid. Each spray is made for a specific cleaning and/or lubrication stage, and they combine to offer effective and very simple maintenance.

How do I open, modify or close an account to purchase from William Green?

To open, modify or close an account to purchase on line or from your local sales rep you will need to complete an Account Application form. Click on the following link to complete this form or contact your local sales rep. Account Application Form. For further detailed information contact William Green administration.

Do you price match

Let’s face it we all love a bargain and to save a little. We are happy to price match as long as we are comparing apples with apples.

Are you a fully accredited company and are your products listed with the TGA?

Yes, William Green Pty Ltd is a fully accredited company; we hold Quality Assurance Certificates, TGA Certification and Fully Licensed with the Environmental Protection agency and Radiation Control for the purchase, installation, maintenance and sale radiation equipment in Australia

Being a manufacturer, can you build “one off” special units depending on my needs?

Of course, that’s how William Green stated the company. Having a background as an engineer, during the war parts for dental units coming for overseas, like Europe and America were not high priority, William Green stated manufacturing parts for his friends and colleagues and so the business continues today. We can make what you want and what will suit your needs and that of your patients. Just ask.

If I place an order for a dental unit how long will my wait time be?

The Tantus range of dental units and carts are made to order and we can produce a complete Tantus dental unit in 10 days, carts in 5 days. Being a manufacture we have all the parts required to assemble fast and accurately, producing a well built and tried piece of equipment that will last for years.

Do you have a left / right unit?

Yes, the Tantus Eclipse and the Ultradent U1301LR are both available as Left / Right configurations. Easy to convert and use the Tantus Eclipse and the Ultradent U1301LR are ready for use after only a few minutes.

 What warranty do your products offer?

Being in the business for over 65 years we understand that buying a piece of equipment that you use everyday needs to have great warranty behind the product; William Green Pty Ltd offers great warranty on all our equipment from as little as 12 months up to 36 months, the circuit boards in our Tantus units are covered for 10 years. A copy of our warranty statement is available, just call us on 02 8865 0300 and we’ll send on out, email it to or fax it.

Who do I call when I want to buy new equipment?

When buying new equipment you want to talk to the person who will look after you from the first enquiry to the install and after sales service. Buying equipment is like buying a car and when you purchase you want to make sure you are getting what you need. We have a team of sales people, just call our head office on 02 8865 0300, tells us your suburb and state or territory and we will connect you with the equipment consultant for your area.

Do you have online support when I buy Kodak products?

When buying any product you want to know that help and support is on hand when you need it. We now offer an online support system, which allows you to book a call online; we can connect to your computer and help you with your technical problems.

If I buy products from William Green Pty Ltd, who will carry out the service?

William Green Pty Ltd has a team of fully trained, accredited and licensed service technicians. We also have a large contingency of 3rd party service people in each state and territories in Australia. In addition to on the spot service we also offer phone and online support, so all you need to do is call.

Is the Tantus Unit Australian Made?

Yes, The Tantus range of Dental Units and Carts along with the Vacujet are the ONLY dental units manufactured in Australia. We are the only dental company who can carry the Australian Made Logo and we are proud of it.

The X-rays I take are really dark on my film?

You must be sure where the dark films are being damaged. 

Most of the time it is not the machine, but a light leak. 

If the processor developer is too warm, it will certainly cause dark radiographs. Check the temperature– it should be approximately 26°-27° C. (You can also check it quickly by putting your finger in the developer solution. If it is warm to the touch, it is probably overheated.) If the solution is too warm, unplug the heater, lift off the covers, and allow the solution to cool off. (You can pour in 200 to 300 Ml of fresh solution to cool it off faster). Some processors use a separate temperature sensor which controls activation of the solution heater.

Overheating is usually due to a worn temperature sensor for those processors with a separate sensor. The machine that is taking the x-rays does not cause dark films. Dark films are only caused by the chemistry being too warm or light leaks. The slightest crack in the safelight filter will cause dark pan or ceph films (disregard periapical films, pan & ceph films are 200 times more sensitive to light). A very slight leak under or around the door (or into a daylight loader) will cause dark films. 

To test for light leaks, lay a fresh film out on the counter, place a coin on the film, wait a minute or two and then develop the film. If you can see the image of the coin, you have light leaks. If using a daylight loader, try using the processor in the dark. If this corrects the problem, your daylight loader leaks. To check for light leaks around a darkroom door, stand in the middle of the darkroom and turn all the lights off. Close your eyes for 60 seconds. Open your eyes and look for the source of light. Also, make certain you have a safelight with a GBX filter. Many times one may be tempted to use a red bulb but this is not a true safelight and could expose your films. Using a dedicated safelight with a low wattage bulb and separate GBX filter is essential to film quality. Last of all is the film itself. Make certain that your film is safely stored and is not expired. Always make certain to rotate your stock so that the oldest film is used first. When re-stocking film (and supplies in general), always put the newest supply behind the older stock on your shelf.

What can I check if I am not getting any water out of my high-speed handpiece?

If the above has failed to rectify your issue please contact William Green to book a service call from one of our qualified service technicians.

What do I do if I have ordered the incorrect parts?
Simply give the spare parts desk a call to explain the situation and obtain a returns approval. A copy of the William Green returns policy can be obtained on request.

How can I find out my William Green Account code?

Contact William Green Administration for further detailed information.