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Digitalised Dental Units – Smart Units Just Got Smarter


We understand how important it is for your business to provide the best patient experience possible. To help you accomplish that, we are releasing the most advanced dental unit from our partners at Diplomat which is a digitalised dental unit. It has the power to offer several benefits your patients and keep you ahead of your competitors. Why shouldn’t you have the most popular and forward-thinking dental practice in the area?

Adding Value To Your Dental Practice

Can your dental practice find ways to improve the service you offer? That’s what we do at William Green. We assist exciting dental practices in staying one step ahead of the competition with premium tech and equipment.

How Digitalised Dental Units Can Help Your Practice

Digitalised dental units can help you take your practice to the next level. Investing in new equipment will raise the bar for your dental practice’s level of excellence, make your life easier, future proof your investment and save you time and money. By utilising equipment such as the Diplomat Model Pro, with all the technology attached to it, you will give your patients the most optimum care and treatment available.

Benefits Of The Diplomat Model Pro Chair

The Diplomat Model Pro Chair is designed to be fully adaptable, allowing you to integrate it with hundreds of existing devices as well as the ones that are only being dreamed about now. Because of its high level of connectivity, integrating new tools has never been easier. Below are some of the benefits for you and your patients:

Ergonomic and space-saving
Satisfaction and comfort for your patients
Simple to run with an amazingly easy graphical user interface
Programable chair positions and instrument parameters for each user
Safe patient working load of 200kg
Adaptable for even the most demanding surgeries
Easy maintenance, keeping running costs low
Automatic disinfection, which saves you time
The dental set you control with a simple click
Set and save different chair positions for each of your patients with a single click. Maintain full control, from tool speed to positioning, via an integrated application that you can manage from your tablet.

Advantages Of The Model Pro

The Diplomat Model Pro will make working a breeze and provide a positive experience for both you and your patients. Some of the advantages of this system include:

You can set several unique users, ideal for practices with multiple dentists
You can connect it to other apps, such as patients’ records, pictures, calendars or even your favourite playlist
You can adapt the armchair for children, teenagers, adults, or people with limited mobility
Completely wireless multi-function foot control so you don’t get tangled up in all those cords.
For the most forward-thinking digitalised dental units available, contact William Green today to find out more about the Diplomat range.