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Digital Dental Radiography Systems - Present and Future of Dental Imaging


Many dental facilities maintain conventional x-ray methods known as dental radiography. However, as we move further into the technological age, digital dental radiography systems make processes unbelievably effortless, reliable, and accurate. The benefits of growing alongside technology are boundless as it offers up many dental imaging resources designed to assist us in our daily duties.

The MyRay Hyperion X5 2D/3D machine is a digital dental radiography system, the only suspended imaging system on today’s market. It is painless to install and utilise, mountable to wall and can be used at any stage of examination. This digital dental radiography system produces high quality 2D and 3D images while ensuring low radiation.

Goodbye To Manual Filing

In the past, conventional x-rays required manual filing and organisation. There will be no requirement for this with the aid of a digital dental radiography system as it is designed to take care of that for you. Digital images are saved and are easily accessible, eradicating the possibility of misplaced files.

Results Returned Efficiently

Chemical processing required for conventional radiography means that patients often wait a while for their results to be returned. With a digital dental radiography system, such as the MyRay Hyperion X5, results and photocopies are accessible in a matter of moments and your patients aren’t required to wait long at all.

Higher Quality Images

Higher quality images allow for better accuracy in results. The dental imaging resources that accompany a digital dental radiography system help to better understand what we are dealing with. These features include adjustable brightness and exposure, allowing us to get a much better look and produce reliable results.

Safety Above All Else

Conventional methods of radiography produce higher levels of radiation, which is a growing concern in many patients. Radiation emissions are fractional in digital dental radiography systems, with levels 75% lower than that of conventional dental x-rays.

These are but a few of the many advantages of switching to digital dental radiography systems, such as the MyRay Hyperion X5. Technology is persisting, discovering ways in which we can carry out our daily duties more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

You can read more about the MyRay Hyperion X5 here and contact the William Green team should you wish to demo this technological masterpiece for your own dental practice.