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Dental Handpieces: The Importance Of Choosing The Right One


A key component in dentistry, a dental handpiece can augment and improve all aspects of day-to-day activities. Dental handpieces are among the most utilised dental tools in dental practices and have only improved with technology over the years. This is reason enough to look well into your options before settling for the cheapest. Here is everything you need to know.

Electrically vs Air Turbine Driven

Dental handpieces are assembled with either an electrical system or an air turbine driven system. When hunting for the right dental handpiece for your practice, this is your first consideration. Electric dental handpieces run on up 200,000 RPM speed capacity with steady torque. They are generally quieter to use and give off less vibrations as opposed to air turbine driven dental handpieces, which operate at up to 400,000 RPM with changeable torque.

Utilising Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces have a great many purposes and aid dentistry in many different aspects of the dental practice. Some examples of when dental handpieces are especially beneficial, include:

Removing tooth enamel and tissue
Preparing teeth for fillings and/or crowns
Removing parts of a tooth where there may be a need to create greater margins
To section out a tooth during oral surgery


All aspects of dentistry are structured to ensure that the patient is at ease and comfortable at all times. However, it is for this reason that we often overlook the dentist’s requirement for comfort. Ergonomic design of all dental equipment is crucial. These tools are used day in and day out and can create discomfort when ergonomics have not been considered. Lower back pain, repetitive stress injuries and sundry musculoskeletal complications are often a by-product of poor design in dental equipment.

Choosing the right dental handpiece is crucial for any dental practice. The handpiece must perform at the required level, manage the required tasks and most importantly be safe to use for both the dentist and the patient. The ideal dental handpiece is one that fits within the parameters of your needs and allowances, and we hope this has offered some guidance in finding the right dental handpiece for you.

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